Status & Filings
Type: IPO
– Announced on: 2012-5-8
– IPO Trade Date Info: 2012-1

Kolbenschmidt-Pierburg (KSPG)
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Price Range
Trade Date
Kolbenschmidt-Pierburg (KSPG)TBA  2012-1-0
Deutsche Bank Commerzbank BofA Merrill Lynch
Barclays Unicredit
Karl-Schmidt-Stra├če 74172 Neckarsulm GERMANY
+49 7132 33040
Kolbenschmidt-Pierburg (KSPG) Web Site:

About Kolbenschmidt-Pierburg (KSPG)
The KSPG Ltd is the holding company of Rheinmetall 's Automotive sector companies. As a global supplier takes KSPG thanks to its capabilities in the areas of air supply, emission control and pumps as well as in the development, manufacture and aftermarket supply of pistons, engine blocks and engine bearings top positions in the respective markets. The products are developed in close cooperation with leading automobile manufacturers. Low emissions, reduced fuel consumption, increased performance, reliability, quality and safety are the forces that drive innovation at Pierburg.

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