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04/22/2018 Sunday
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U.S. IPOs and Secondaries

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A Secondaries Primer

A Secondaries Primer A secondary, also called a secondary public offering, follow-on offering or placing, is an additional issue of stock by a company which has already had an IPO. Similar to IPO's, the price of secondary's is set the evening prior , morning or during the day of their trade. Secondary's are priced, usually at a discount, relative to the prior closing transaction of the company's existing shares. As is the case with IPO's, interested investors place an indication to buy or also known as indication of interest for these shares with one of the underwriting stock brokers.

IPO Global Research rates secondary's solely for their one day performance, and we caution everyone to only use discretionary funds when purchasing secondary's. Although priced at a discount secondary's dependant on the country of issue may attract commission and associated exchange charges .
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