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11/29/2015 Sunday
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Company Ticker Price Range Shares Trade Date Underwriter(s) Co-Manager(s)
 Artgreen  Japan  3419-HR    200,000   2015-12-18  HS   
 Bank of Jinzhou  HK  TBA  HK$4.64-HK$5.64  1,320,000,000   2015-12-5  ABCU Barclays CCBI CMBI CSI   
 Bank of Qingdao  HK  3866-HK  HK$4.75-HK$5.21  990,000,000   2015-12-3  Citic CLSA Goldman Sachs  Haitong, ABCI Securities Company Limited、China Merchants Securities (HK) Co., Limited、Guosen Securities (HK) Capital Company Limited、CCB International Capital Limited、Guotai Junan Securities (Hong Kong) Limited、BNP Paribas Securities (Asia) 
 China Energy Engineering  HK  3996-HK  HK$1.59-HK$1.73     2015-12-10  Goldman Sachs M Stanley   
 China Huarong  HK  2799-hk  HK$3.03-HK$3.39  865,482,000   2016-10-30  ICBC HSBC Goldman Sachs Citigroup CICC   
 China ZhongDi Diary  HK  1492-HK  HK$1.20-HK$1.30  391,056,000   2015-12-2  M Stanley   
 CICC  HK  3908-HK  HK$*.12-HK$10.28  611,406,000   2016-11-9  CICC ABCI   
 Dali Foods   HK  3799-HK  HK$5.00-HK$6.15  1,694,117,500     M Stanley Bof A Merrill   
 Double Standard  Japan  3925-JP  JPY2030-JPY2190  675,000   2015-12-15  SBI   
 Furyu Corp  Japan  6238-JP    1,464,000   2015-12-18  Nomura   
 Graphico  Japan  4930-JP    280,000   2015-12-25  Daiwa   
 Ichikura  Japan  6186-JP       2015-12-25  Nomura   
 Investors Cloud  Japan  1435-JP  JPY1730-JPY1870  1,090,000   2015-12-3  SBI Securities    
 Jeju Air  S Korea   TBA  KRW23,000-KRW28,000  5,500,000     Daewo   
 Kamakura Shinsho  Japan  6184-JP  JPY920-JPY1000  500,000   2015-12-4  SMBC Nikko   
 Ki-Star Real estate  Japan  3465-JP    2,100,000   2015-12-0  Daiwa    
 Mizuho Medy  Japan  4594-JP  JPY980-JPY1100  374,900   2015-12-17  Mitsubishi UFG   
 Mynet  Japan  3928-JP    854,000   2015-12-21  Daiwa   
 Open Door  Japan  3926-JP  JPY3500-JPY3830  823,000   2015-12-17  Mizuho   
 Property Agent   Japan  3464-JP    500,000   2015-12-22  Nomura   
 PT Kino Indonesia  Indonesia  TBA  IDR3750-IDR5225  285,714,400   2015-12-9  Credit Suisse Deustche Bank  PT Indo Premier Securities 
 R&D Computer C  Japan  3924-JP  JPY1710-JPY1760  432,500   2015-12-11  Nomura   
 Rakus  Japan  3923-JP  JPY920-JPY1080  460,000   2015-11-30  Mizuho   
 So-net Media Networks  Japan  6185-JP    600,000   2015-12-22  Daiwa   
 SocialWire  Japan  3929-JP    540,000   2015-12-24  SBI   
 Star Petroleum Refining Group  Thailand   SPRC-TB  THB9.00  1,735,315,500    2015-12-8  M Stanley Bank of America Merril Finasa Siam Commercial Bank    
 Strawberry Hotel Reit  Japan  3463-JP  JPY100,000-JPY106,000  129,000   2015-11-30  SMBC Nikko   
 Tsubaki Nakashima   Japan  6464-JP    20,228,000   2015-12-16  Nomura Goldman Sachs UBS   
 Vision   Japan  9416-JP    2,639,200   2015-12-21  Mizuho   

Company Ticker Price Range Shares Trade Date Underwriter(s) Co-Manager(s)
 Atendo  Sweden  TBA  SEK50.00     2015-11-30  SEB Carnegie Nordea Danske    
 Corestate AG  Germany   TBA  Eur          
 EDAG Engineering Group AG  Germany   EDAG-GY  Eur19.00-Eur24.00  10,070,000   2015-12-2  M Stanley Deutsche Bank  MW Warburg Commerzbank 
 Scandic Hotels  Sweden  TBA  SEK66.00-SEK81.00  45,800,000   2015-12-2  M Stanley SEB   Deutsche Bank ABG Sundal Collier 

Company Ticker Price Range Shares Trade Date Underwriter(s) Co-Manager(s)
 Worldpay Group     WPG-LN  £2.25-£2.60  690,000,000     M Stanley Bof A Merril Goldman Sachs   Barclays Credit Suisse UBS Canaccord Jefferies Mediobanca 

Company Ticker Price Range Shares Trade Date Underwriter(s) Co-Manager(s)
none at this time

Company Ticker Price Range Shares Trade Date Underwriter(s) Co-Manager(s)
 ACM Group   Australia  TBC         Macquaire UBS   

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